Support Services

A new type of service for a new way of working

Implementing a Unified Communications (UC) eco-system introduces a new set of challenges for an organisation. The ability to support and maintain the system is a critical factor to get right. Traditional Support Service offerings can be seen as unresponsive, change prohibitive and slow to react. For non ‘real-time’ communication systems this may be acceptable, but in the world of ‘always on’ communications this is not.

Working with our customers, we developed our solution based on the new administrative challenges they faced. To overcome these, we re-imagined the entire thought process a traditional supprot service is built upon. We decided with our customers that our service should:

  • Be agile, responsive and effective.
  • Offer optional 1st line support.
  • Be based on a partnership and trust model.
  • Empower your on-site IT team.
  • Be flexible on change control.
  • Minimise the risk of down time.
  • Transfer our skills to your help desk.
  • Monitor systems at application level to detect operational issues.
  • Provide specialised support.
  • Cover all desired elements of the UC estate.