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A number of organisations seem to have two or three communications systems, which potentially could be provided by one. Therefore, you end up with two systems, that, when used to their full potential do the same thing and provide very similar functionality. This is senseless when you’re probably paying for...Read more

Company blog - June 3rd 2016

No. Blog post concluded. Question answered. 

Meetings are known (by pretty much everyone) for being an enormous waste of time and resources. They aren’t exciting or motivating, they’re unproductive and hinder staff from focusing on more important tasks and deadlines. People now even organise meetings to discuss meetings – it’s...Read more

Company blog - April 26th 2016
Author: Robert Hutchison, Chief Commercial Officer at Exactive 

Our customers will sing the praises of Lync and Skype for Business and talk for hours about the benefits it has brought them. They all had a real, genuine business need for a Unified Communications solution. However, bare in mind, Skype for...Read more

Company blog - March 22nd 2016