Skype for Business & The Cloud

Which solution is right for you - Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid? 

You might have made the decision that Skype for Business is right for you but have you worked out which deployment option will suit you best? That can be a complex matter with lots of factors to consider, including what call features you require, whether or not you want to integrate your contact centre or if you need to coexist with your existing PBX or not. 

Well, Exactive can simplify that decision for you with our exclusive Cloud Decision Tool. Using the tool we will gauge the importance to your business of the SEVEN CRITICAL FACTORS and determine the correct option for you. 

If you think this would be useful, then attend one of our Workshops near you to find out more about the options and gain access to the tool. Can't make one? Give us a call on 0844 561 1577. 

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