3 reasons not to deploy Skype for Business

Author: Robert Hutchison, Chief Commercial Officer at Exactive 

Our customers will sing the praises of Lync and Skype for Business and talk for hours about the benefits it has brought them. They all had a real, genuine business need for a Unified Communications solution. However, bare in mind, Skype for Business isn’t for everyone.

Here are 3 reasons why it might not be the right fit for you:

Cost Efficacy 

Your business is as efficient as it can be. Travel, communication and real estate costs are kept to a minimum with no real expense associated with: 

  • Travelling to Internal or Customer Meetings.
  • Telephony and Conferencing.

Lastly, as an organisation you have a desk to employee ration of no more than 7:10 because you recognise that people can work successfully outside the office.

Agile Working

Your employees can work from anywhere, anytime with full, easy access to their normal systems including the same telephony they have in the office. When out of the office, they can communicate and collaborate with team mates, customers and suppliers almost as effectively as they were face to face with simple to use video conferencing and content sharing from their PC or tablet.

Business Continuity & Resilience 

Your organisation has never struggled to deal with the impact of severe weather or travel chaos. There hasn’t been any degradation of your ability to service your customers and no drop in satisfaction or profitability in these circumstances. If a large proportion of your people can’t get into the office the impact is negligible and it wouldn’t matter if this went on for an extended period of time.

If the three statements above accurately describe your business then congratulations, you don’t need to deploy Skype for Business as you’re doing just fine without it. However, if you have challenges in any of these areas, then it could be worthwhile taking a closer look at the solution.

It may not be for you but if you want explore further and find out, I’d be happy to discuss it with you.