Are you happy at work?


A recent study has proven that employees in a good mood are 12% more productive*. You might not be able to offer your employees free food or a gym membership to make them happy but you can use technology to increase positive collaboration and reduce common frustrations.

Here are three ways technology can make you happy at work:

1. Help make a project go smoothly 

Don't you love the feeling when a project comes together? You manage to contact the right people at the right time and they give you all the relevant information you need. Sound familiar? Most probably not. However, with a UC solution, it’s easier to stay in the loop and make sure deadlines are met. If you don’t believe us, read our Success Stories.  

2. Have more relaxed audio/ visual conversations 

With a traditional phone system everyone is guilty of gripping the corded phone between their ear and shoulder while scribbling down notes on a phone call. It’s far from ideal – not to mention uncomfortable. Alternatively, the use of headsets is by far one of the best features of a UC solution. They allow you to relax on the phone, send documents during and more obviously, have free hands to take notes or sip your coffee. The experience could simplify so many things. 

3. Work seamlessly from anywhere

Your dentist appointment is at 4:30pm but you have an important call with a client at 4pm. With a traditional telecommunications system as soon as you leave the office everything becomes considerably more difficult. A UC Solution is designed to work both in and out of the office. You can easily transfer a call from your headset to your mobile device as well as access emails, instant messages and documents.

Looking to make your employees happier? Then investing in UC could be the answer you are looking for – whether you knew you needed it or not.

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