Why are so many people moving away from the 9-5 working day?


The workplace is always changing shape. Regardless of the industry you work in or the practices you conform to, it’s just inevitable. What we’ve noticed over the past few years is the growing number of people who now don’t work 9-5. This isn’t to say they don’t put in a full day, there just seems to be a more flexible approach to working. Whether it’s a results over timekeeping attitude or trust over tradition, employers in general are starting to take their eye off the clock.

So the big question here is why? Well there are number of credible reasons and below are a few of the obvious ones:

  • Technology has allowed us to be available outside of the office at any time of the day. So going to a Doctor’s appointment at 2pm in the afternoon and then working again for a few hours in the evening isn’t unheard of – if they have the right tools to stay in touch with their colleagues and access all their files. Employers are also seemingly more open to allowing flexibility, in relation to hours spent working, if they know things are getting done and this all leads back to trust. With trust comes rewards.

  • It’s becoming a cultural norm. People are more open to change so naturally societal adjustments are made and developed. The concept of a half day on a Friday, for example, is hugely popular among many organisations across the globe and the best part is; it’s not frowned upon or taken for granted. If you’re putting 100% effort into your job Monday- Friday (until 12/1pm) then chances are, you deserve an afternoon snooze – or a cold beverage. 

What it comes down from an employer’s perspective is recognising the talent amongst their employees and being confident that they will always ‘get the job done’.

The 9-5 working day might be dead in some respects, but we should embrace this new way of thinking and recognise how much it can truly benefit the workplace.  For starters, how appealing does it sound to be a part of an organisation who doesn’t care, or even notice if you work 6 hours one day and 10 the next?