Would you miss meetings if they ceased to exist?


No. Blog post concluded. Question answered. 

Meetings are known (by pretty much everyone) for being an enormous waste of time and resources. They aren’t exciting or motivating, they’re unproductive and hinder staff from focusing on more important tasks and deadlines. People now even organise meetings to discuss meetings – it’s painfully pointless.

Clock watching, toilet breaks, mobile phones and chit-chat are common distractions within the workplace and now meetings are being thrown into the mix too. Seem unfair? Let’s evaluate: 

Most meetings have no purpose 

Ever make yourself busy to avoid doing something else which is more important? Meetings are a great example, yet, if you put forward the question ‘why are we having this meeting’ to the organiser, a lot of the time you won’t get a straight answer. It’s also highly likely you’ll leave feeling like you learnt absolutely nothing.

Not every team member needs to be present 

There is always that one meeting where every man and his dog has to attend yet in hindsight only a few people need to be there to make note of the key points and email them on to everyone else.

Scheduled meetings are almost never necessary 

We all have those meetings that happen on the same day at the same time every week because when they were organised, it seemed like a good idea. Realistically, we turn up a lot of the time and wonder what we’re going to talk about for the next hour. 

No one wants to ask questions  

Boardroom style meetings can be nerve-wracking. Especially if there are team members who are domineering and like to steal the limelight. Often, this means that even if there is a good point to be made, quieter staff won’t say it through fear of the reaction. 

At this point, I think you will agree that if meetings were abolished tomorrow, you wouldn’t shed a tear. Realistically speaking though, this is never going to happen. We’re creatures of habit.

There are, however, ways to make them bearable, less time-consuming and more interesting.

Do them online. Why? You’re more likely to get to the point and stick to timescales. There is also less build up – the meeting just happens and straight away you go back to what you were doing before. Plus, if you are that employee who is in the meeting and doesn’t need to be, you can simply mute yourself (but it might be a good idea to still listen in case the organiser asks any questions and you’re caught out). Getting involved and putting your ideas across in an online meeting space is also less daunting. You don’t even have to say it if you don’t want to; you can type it.

Still not convinced? Contact us to find out why we think online meetings are the way forward.