Digital Transformation

Deliver results with the Skype Operations Framework

Exactive are the UK's longest established Microsoft Skype for Business specialist and over the last 10 years we've successfully delivered Digital Transformations' to many blue-chip and public sector organisations.

As experts who understand the complexities of moving from a legacy telephony environment to modern cloud-based Unified Communications, we always adopt best practice and strongly recommend organisations follow the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) to successfully deliver their digital transformation.

Our approach has 2 main focuses, technical excellence and successful user adoption. We know that the solution must be technically excellent for a reliable, quality service and users to have a great experience. We also know that the business project benefits are strongly tied to people changing they way they work. So we focus on people; helping them to embrace, adopt and use the new technology to its full potential.

Step 1 – Plan         

The Plan phase, is about planning. Firstly, we discuss your vision, including why SfB? How will it help the business achieve its goals? This helps decide whether Skype for Business is a good fit for your organisation.  From this, we assess readiness for a SfB project, design the technical solution and plan for successful people change. Thorough planning ensures a smooth successful project, delivered on time and on budget, which will help you to transform the way you work.

Step 2 – Deliver

Once we have established the plan, we execute on it in the Deliver phase. We roll-out the technology and go-live, migrating users to the new system. We communicate the change to the impacted users, and help understand what’s in it for them. We help you make sense of the solution and drive the business objectives.

Step 3 – Operate

Having realised the initial benefits how can we ensure that you continue to receive the benefits over the duration of the investment. We have developed a number of aftercare packages and systems that monitor the performance of the investment, ensuring you continue to get value from the platform. We report on adoption statistics; advise on trends we find and measure against the project goals defined at the outset of the project. 

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