Adoption & Training Services

People are the key to deploying any technology successfully in an organisation. If your users are unaware of why a new technology is of benefit to them or how to use it correctly, then user adoption has a high risk of failing. This can lead to an unhappy workforce, a poor perception of IT in the business and an increase in support calls.
When deploying a new technology, it is key to have a strong communication plan in place. However, informing your people of a new technology is never enough on its own. Providing the right forms of training and materials for the different profiles of people in your organisation will lead to greater adoption and project success.
We understand that people and organisations have different needs when it comes to training, so we have created several options to choose from.

Adoption & Awareness campaign

As people are at the heart of the change, how they are affected needs to be considered throughout the whole project- from start to finish. We work with organisations collaboratively to introduce an adoption and awareness campaign. Following the change management methodology from industry leaders Prosci. We guide users from: having never seen the technology to habitually using the technology.

Train the Trainer

If you have an existing investment in a training team then we can help prepare them to deliver training materials for your new solution. Exactive’s trainer will work with your team to act as a consultant for the creation of your own internal materials, allowing them to deliver effective training to your people.

Floor Walker

Our floor walkers will be on site in the office of your choosing when your new solution goes live. This gives your people the chance to ask questions and get one-to-one personal assistance where and when they need it.

Quick Start Guides

It can be easy to forget how to perform some key tasks in a new system, so it helps to have a reference guide as a gentle reminder. Exactive have created ‘Quick Start’ guides for your new solution in the form of a small booklet. We can also customise the branding on these guides to fit with your corporate image.

Brief the IT Admin

When deploying a new solution with Exactive and experiencing our extensive knowledge transfer, your IT Admin team may still need a reminder and run-through of how to administer your new solution (it can be a lot to take in after all).  In this situation we offer a 'Brief the IT Admin' session where our consultants will sit down with your IT team on a one-to-one basis to go through various admin tasks.

Classroom Based Training

For a more traditional approach to training, Exactive can provide a Microsoft Certified Trainer to run classroom and online meeting based training. The sessions are interactive and run through the main features of your solution. These sessions are customised to your needs and focus on what you want your users to have access to in your new solution.

Adoption Portal

Our adoption and training portal has many resources including ‘how to’ videos, job-specific material and downloadable content.  The portal is geared towards helping increase users awareness, desire, knowledge and ability to successfully make the individual changes required for your project to be a success.

Tailored one-to-one's 

Sometimes important members of your organisation do not have the time to attend classroom sessions and just want someone to ‘show them how it works’. There are also key people who may need a little more personal attention. For these people Exactive offer tailored one-to-one sessions where we can spend as *long or as little time with the person as required. 

*each session is limited to a maximum duration of 1.5 hours but can be combined if necessary