Unified Communications for People

Unified Communications is an enabler of working when and where it suits you.  While organisations will benefit from significant savings and improved processes, individuals are the real benefactors when it comes to using UC. Employees are more empowered to do their job, maintain a healthy work-life balance and become more productive due to better and faster communication.

Take a look below at the challenges and how UC can transform the way YOU work. 

  • 3 Ways to Kill Frustration

    We’re all guilty of throwing our hands in the air and letting out a grunt of frustration when things go wrong at work, but here are 3 ways technology can help kill some of those frustrations.

  • 2014 Government Changes to Flexible Working – are you ready?

    We spend almost 100,000 hours of our life at work (the equivalent of 11.5 years) therefore it is essential for employees get their work-life balance right.

  • 3 tips for balancing work and holidays this Summer

    3 tips for flexible working this Summer



  • What will bad weather cost your business?

    Time, Money, Customers...

  • Ever Wondered how to generate more CO2 emissions?

    Of course not! But you may have to find a way to reduce them.

  • 3 ways to make your flexible workers feel part of the team

    How technology can help your team feel connected
  • Which hat are you?

    The benefits of Unified Communications