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Our purpose is to help UK enterprises unlock the value of communications technology, enabling people to work flexibly, collaboratively and productively.

Simply put, "we make Teams work".

Digital Transformation

Putting people first in a cloud first world

Research shows that the biggest challenge organisations are facing in accelerating digital transformation is not necessarily around the new technology itself, but the cultural change required to derive value from it.

The Modern Workplace offers incredible benefits for people and organisations but it is not an easy destination to reach.  Without expert help, there’s a fair chance your efforts will not be as successful. The Modern Workplace is a cloud first world, but people need to come first if you want to transform your organisation’s productivity – technology will not deliver results on its own.

We understand what a successful digital transformation looks like and have developed our Unified Communications (UC) Success Wheel™ to deliver results and reduce the risk of failure, resistance to change & not receiving the expected benefits of your digital transformation.


What are the risks of not changing?

Where do I start? You will be left behind. You won’t stay competitive. You will miss out.

The Modern Workplace

IT's a cloud first world

The modern workplace is a connected digital world, where people and technology work seamlessly together delivering results for the employee and their organisations.

The modern workplace is where people are most productive. It’s where people use technology to make a difference and where people feel empowered to deliver an incredible customer experience.

The modern workplace is where company culture serves to foster and accelerate digital transformation.  People win and organisations win.


What's so bad about the traditional workplace?

The traditional workplace is inflexible, restrictive and often unproductive. Employees don’t feel empowered by technology because it doesn’t work as intended.

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Microsoft Cloud Software & Services

  • Professional Services
  • Adoption & Training
  • Business Case
  • 24/7 Global Support
  • Project Management
  • Software Licensing
  • Industry Specific IP
  • Design, Architecture & Deployment


  • Headset / Handsets
  • Gateways, Video Conferencing & Meeting Room Systems
  • Device Provisioning & Management

Calling Plans

  • SIP Trunking
  • Competitive Calling Plans
  • Call Management & Reporting

Success Stories

People win. Organisations win.

Organisations that transformed the way they work

Meet some organisations we’ve worked with over the years who’s vision is to build a digital transformation culture.



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