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Calendar in Teams

Calendar in Teams

Microsoft previously announced in early in 2019 that the Meetings app will be replaced with the Calendar app. Currently, the Calendar app is still in development, but it is being rolled out and some of you may have already seen the Calendar.

“We’re updating Microsoft Teams with an improved scheduling app. The existing Meetings app will become the Calendar app, and we’re bringing multiple new updates to the feature. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in early March 2019.”

Based on the details shared from Microsoft it looks like full rollout will be completed by Q1 2020 but in the meantime below are some of the features.
  • Calendar views: day, work week and week view (default).
  • Users will have the option to go back and forth as they can in Outlook.
  • Users will have standard options such as Join, RSVP, Edit and cancel.
  • When someone joins a meeting the calendar meeting will light up to indicate when someone has joined the session.
  • Users can schedule events on their calendar without adding any attendees.
Great update for Teams and will help further consolidate the workstreams into one client.