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CloudUCX™ Call Recording

CloudUCX™ Call Recording

Record and securely store calls


Call Recording is an add-on service for Exactive’s CloudUCX™ Direct Routing Service.

It allows CloudUCX™ clients to record and securely store PSTN calls. Tenants can listen and manage their recordings via a self-service portal and recorded calls are PCI compliant to ensure that sensitive content is not accessible in the recording.

The CloudUCX™ Call Recording service offers advanced capabilities through optional intelligence modules:

Smart search – With smart search, end users can use advanced search features to locate previous recordings through a series of metrics such as sentiment, date, location, specific phrases, and many more.

Keywords – Keywords allows organisations to intelligently track specific phrases and keywords on their call recordings. This helps organisations to efficiently sort through recordings and identify certain words as triggers, tag these words to be highlighted on all other and future recordings, and much more.

Sentiment – The sentiment function automatically identifies speakers emotions on recording and provides a snapshot report. Call sentiment is achieved by analysing characteristics of the speaker’s tone of voice, stress levels and speed of speech. Additionally, specific phrases are analysed to harness a comprehensive understanding of the caller’s sentiment.


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