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Corporate Social Responsibility

Find out how we’re making a difference

We believe in meaningful work that makes a wider impact on people and our planet

We know that there are many social issues that require increased awareness, thought and action. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute positively and help address these issues to build a better future for the communities we work and live within. We have chosen 3 key areas which we believe need action and are relevant to the insights we have gained over 15 years of experience being a market leader in Microsoft UC.

2021 Focus areas

Digital Skills


Mental Wellbeing

Digital Skills

To help people of all ages and backgrounds develop their digital skills and increase employability.

Working in the forever changing, innovative and fast paced technology industry we understand that we must constantly reinvent ourselves to remain a market leader and stay relevant. This is no different for individuals in the current job market. People are having to reinvent and retrain themselves to adapt their skillset, to the ever-changing world and the future of work.
According to Microsoft research there will be 149 million new technology jobs by 2025, however there is a clear digital skills gap, with a shortage of people with the relevant skills to address that gap. It is our duty, as a technology company, with the knowledge of what roles and skills the industry has and needs, to help raise awareness of how people can develop their digital skills, develop people’s digital skills ourselves and show the career paths that are available to people of all backgrounds, ages, and circumstances.

Delivered Initiatives:
During 2020 when the pandemic first set in, we helped train over 1000+ people on Teams. These are available on demand.

Planned Initiatives:
We’re donating our used laptops to schools in need to provide children with laptops .

Microsoft have an abundance of resources on their digital skills site that help people to build a career in technology and also business leaders drive sustainable growth. If you are looking to build a career in technology check out these useful resources:



We made a commitment to reducing carbon footprint across our network back in 2006, through investment in the efficiency of our IP based network and other assets as well as an active offset management programme. This means Gamma is a fully certified CarbonNeutral® company making us one of the few communications providers in the UK to have a net zero carbon footprint.

It’s not news that we, as humankind, must address the current climate situation in order to maintain a stable environment for us all to live as we have become accustomed to. The science is clear, we need to reduce our carbon emissions to “Net Zero”. For over 15 years, we have been promoting and helping companies adopt technology which helps reduce travel, which ultimately reduces carbon footprint. As part of the Gamma group, we are also a Carbon Neutral certified company, with the first Carbon Neutral network in it’s sector.

Delivered initiatives:
Recycling old laptops and giving to schools and charities

We have built a working from home calculator to help you understand how embracing modern working will help you reduce your carbon footprint, save you time and money also. Find out how much you could save!

Planned initiatives:

Being part of Gamma, Exactive are already a Carbon Neutral company but we know we need to do more with the climate crisis pending.

Announcing our new sustainability initiative: for every CloudUCX seat sold this year we’re planting 5 trees via our partner Just One Tree.

Our partnership with Just One Tree, helps us make a positive impact on the planet by absorbing Co2, restoring diversity and make the world a better place by reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Mental Wellbeing

As a technology company we have the responsibility to understand the overuse of technology can become unhealthy. The average adult will spend 34 years of their life looking at screens. We as a company want to promote healthy screen time and encourage everyone to take their mental health and wellbeing seriously. As a company we try to encourage healthy habits in order to prevent mental health problems before they arise. Part of how we help clients is by enabling flexible and remote working using Microsoft technology, we help connect people via video for meetings for example. This is a big factor in helping people look after their mental wellbeing but we need to be mindful that it’s important to create a culture where the technology enhances work life balance and mental wellbeing rather than creating an “always on” culture which can lead to burn out.

Delivered initiatives:
Well-being channel for staff to share personal experiences and connect with colleagues outside of work. We recognise that our people will do their best work when they are feeling healthy, and that work life also affects personal life. So, if we can teach methods that help people feel positive and well, then they are more likely to affect their communities in a constructive way also. Therefore, recently, at one of our monthly company update meetings we had a wellbeing expert talk to everyone to help open the conversation up about emotion in the workplace and help spread awareness of proven methods to help our staff feel better and able to control their emotions, contributing positively towards wellbeing.

We have delivered a fundraiser where the donations gone towards Mental Health Foundation. During Mental Health Awareness week, our team have walked/ran/cycled/swam towards a group target of 585 miles; the distance between the Gamma UK offices.