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Direct Routing

Direct Routing

Direct Routing

Microsoft announced that Direct Routing is now Generally Available! This blog post is a high level overview of what Direct routing is and how it can benefit your organisation when using Microsoft Teams as your telephony system, or if you are looking to move away from your existing telephone system to Microsoft Teams.


What is Direct Routing?

Rather than using Microsoft calling plans, Direct Routing allows organisations to use their own telephony provider whilst using Microsoft teams as call control for PSTN calling.


Why use Direct Routing?

  • Microsoft calling plans.
    • Microsoft calling plans are not always the most cost effective way!
    • Microsoft calling plans may not be available on your country yet.
  • Allows connectivity to your existing telephony provider.
    • You may be under contract with your existing telephony provider but your existing telephony solution may be out of support or is end of life.
  • Integrate with your existing telephone solution.
    • Integration with your existing telephone system allows for smooth migration to Microsoft Teams for telephony with minimal impact to users.
  • Analogue device support.
    • You may have existing analogue devices connected to your existing telephone system that you depend on like fax machines, analogue phones, lift systems or point of sale devices. These devices can be connected to the Direct Routing SBC and can continue to be used. Microsoft Teams can even call analogue phones and vice versa!
  • Contact centre integration.
    • Use Direct Routing to integrate with your existing contact centre, or with a new contact centre solution.



In order to use Direct Routing, an approved Session Border Controller (SBC) appliance, or virtual SBC appliance must be installed within your organisation.

The certified SBC is connected to your existing telephony provider by either ISDN or SIP Trunk connectivity. Another trunk is then established between the SBC and Microsoft Teams in the cloud. Once connected and configured, users that have the Microsoft Phone System licence applied can make and receive calls using Microsoft Teams whilst keeping their existing telephony provider.

Currently, Ribbon and Audiocodes SBCs are certified for use with Microsoft Teams. Don’t worry, if you have already invested in SBCs within your environment and they are certified for Skype for Business, a simple software upgrade is required to enable compatibility with Microsoft Teams. No expensive SBC refresh is required!


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