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Digital Transformation for Educational Services

The modern campus

Office 365 for Education is a complete, intelligent, and highly secure service supporting excellence in teaching and learning. It offers a broad and deep toolkit for content creation, collaborative classrooms, and personalized learning. Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork in Office 365 for Education, and we recently introduced new classroom experience with Teams.
Benefits for Education Institutions:
  • Overcome budget cuts through distance learning and expanded course offerings
  • Save educators, administrators and students time via video meetings
  • Create new education offerings that prepare students to be leaders in tomorrrow’s workforce

We’ve helped transition over 50,000 students and staff into the modern workplace

We’ve been working with educational institutions since 2005

Some of our clients

Creating a culture of digital transformation

Microsoft Teams Workspace in Office 365

Collaboration in Financial Services

"I wanted our school to be on the forefront of technology."

- Jonathan Christie, ICT Director at High School of Dundee