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Direct Routing is now Generally Available

There was a lot of excitement recently (May ’18) when Microsoft announced that Direct Routing is now Generally Available.

Back in December of last year, Microsoft began offering calling in Teams by turning on Microsoft Calling Plans. This enabled customers to begin exploring voice in Teams in 9 different countries. Today Direct Routing takes the next big step by allowing customers to connect voice trunks to Microsoft Teams in many more countries around the world.

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Microsoft Teams Telephony

On your journey to Teams, telephony could be one of the biggest steps you will take! Microsoft have offered telephony capability in Teams using PSTN Calling plans for some time now, however, they do not always fit your organisation’s requirements, therefore, slowing your journey down ?

In June 2018 Microsoft released “Direct Routing” allowing organisations to connect their existing PSTN carrier to Microsoft Teams using an on-premise certified appliance. Using Direct Routing offers the following benefits:

  • Cost efficiency by choosing preferred PSTN carrier.
  • Global reach in countries were Microsoft calling plans are not available.
  • Integration capabilities with contact centre solutions and legacy PBX systems allowing phased and seamless migration to Microsoft Teams phone system.

If your organisation has a cloud first strategy, Direct Routing may not fully satisfy your requirements as multiple on-premise appliances are needed.

Exactive’s commitment is to make your journey to Microsoft Teams as simple and efficient as possible, therefore, we have developed the CloudUCX PSTN Calling service.

The CloudUCX PSTN Calling service gives you the best of both worlds; convenience of Microsoft PSTN Calling plans and flexibility of Direct Routing.

Our CloudUCX PSTN Calling service is a fully hosted platform that offers the same benefits as traditional Direct Routing but without the burden of maintaining multiple on-premise appliances.

High-level overview of CloudUCX PSTN Calling platform

Whatever your requirements are we are here to help you with your journey.

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Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing is inGenerally Available

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