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Live Events in MS Teams (Now GA)

Live Events in MS Teams (Now GA)

The Microsoft team have been working hard releasing several new features for MS Teams one of the highlights for this month is Live Events which is now GA.

What are Live Events?

Live events in Microsoft Teams allow your business to broadcast video and content to large audiences online and within your business.  You can schedule, produce, broadcast and record rich, interactive streaming content.  Up to 10k attendees can join live from anywhere and across any device or watch on-demand at their convenience.

Live Events Features

  • Simple scheduling and setup experience direct in MS Teams.
  • Up to 10000 concurrent viewers.
  • Great for announcing new products/updates.
  • Present from a Teams Room System.
  • Control access from Public, All Company or Groups.
  • Production Controls.
  • Increase Engagement.
  • Analyze audience engagement and feedback with the Engagement Report.
  • Manage Q&A.
  • AI bring enhancements such as Captions & Translations.


Where Can You Use Live Events?

Live events can be used on any Teams enabled device and are delivered via the Global network of Datacentres to provide optimal quality and user experience.


Why Live Events?

  • You can schedule and manage your Teams live events easily in Teams, produce and present from Windows or Mac and run with one presenter or multiple. One system delivering multiple functions and reducing the need to have multiple applications within the business.
  • Present from Teams Room systems, enabling you to keep a consistent approach in your business from desktop to the meeting room.
  • Dial in via Audio Conf offers additional flexibility and a wider audience reach.
  • Control access public, all company or groups.
  • Seamless experience for users, following the typical meeting process in teams but choosing the Live Events option. This again helps to provide the best possible user experience with only one application to use.


The above highlights some of the main features and benefits of Live Events in MS Teams but there are many others.  To find out more get in touch or look at the official update from Microsoft.