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Making the Teams Opportunity Easy with Exactive

Making the Teams Opportunity Easy with Exactive

As a valued partner of Exactive, I’m sure you are well aware that we’re here to help you and your customers get the most out of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. So, what does this mean for you? 

Microsoft Teams is a hot topic at the moment and it’s an easy conversation to have with your Office365 customers. Since Microsoft announced that it will replace Skype for Business online, customers want to know what they are going to do but also the best way to utilise this new free product included with their subscription to Office 365.  

The Teams Opportunity – How can it generate other opportunities? 

A question as simple as ‘how do you intend to utilise Microsoft Teams?’ could open a whole host of revenue-generating conversations, from file storage to bots to telephony. It’s an easy conversation and as it covers so much of Office365 it will help drive license consumption, professional services salesdevelopment opportunities and device salesThe client will likely need to upgrade their licenses, which opens a conversation for Office365 E5 or Microsoft365 E5, as this covers Phone System.  

So, whatever your client’s plans are, it’s a no-brainer to start the conversation. If you’re not having it with them, they’re having it with someone else!  

We’ve made it easy for you to start the discussion. Take a look at our:  

Which accounts are the best target? 

Office365 customers already licensed for E3 or E5 are good candidates for Microsoft Teams with telephony. Likewise, if they are already using Teams in a different way, they may want to look at maximising this and having their phone system within Teams. 

Organisations spread across multiple locations/sites which need to improve collaboration or want to implement agile working for their staff and a global system, are also excellent candidates for Teams. If your clients want to reduce travel and enable staff to be productive wherever they are – Teams will enable them to reach this vision! 

If you are speaking to organisations that are already using SfB/Lync for internal communications but want to add telephony, Exactive’s experience and expertise can ensure this is successful. A client already using Lync/SfB with Enterprise Voice and looking to upgrade to the latest version or with a cloud strategy, would also be a good opportunity too.   

One of the best times for companies to think about their UC strategy is when they have a telephony refresh. And with ISDN network being shut off in the coming years, there will be a number of clients looking to move to SIP and implement a UC solution at the same time.  

In summary, these accounts are the best target: 

  • Office365 customers already licensed for E3 or E5 
  • Organisations spread across multiple locations/sites  
  • Organisations that are already using SfB/Lync for internal communications 
  • Organisations already using Lync/SfB with Enterprise Voice and looking to upgrade to the latest version or with a cloud strategy 
  • Organisations looking at a telephony refresh 


Our Value – Why Exactive? 

Exactive are a leading Microsoft UC partner in the UK, with a proven methodology, years of experience and excellent success stories. We can enable your clients to deliver results by transforming the way they work by helping them with their move to Microsoft Teams and enabling Cloud Voice. 

Our core values make it easy to partner with us. We always operate openly and transparently, we focus on delivering a great customer experience and we’re built to last. We can guarantee that not only you but your clients will also have a great experience when dealing with Exactive.  

With marketing support, a dedicated partner management function and numerous customer successes, you’ll be at ease partnering with us.  

Read what Brands2Life recently had to say about working with us on implementing our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing platform, CloudUCX: www.exactive.co.uk/blog/Brands2Life  

“Exactive demonstrated excellent knowledge of the product, they understood what we were looking for, they demonstrated experience delivering the solution, and we had confidence they could deliver it in a way that would work for us. – Ivan Corbett, Head of IT, Brand2Life 


Contact Jamie Cole (jamie.cole@exactive.co.uk) for more information or attend our upcoming 30-minute webinar on 3rd April 2019.