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Microsoft Teams June Update

Here we are again, your monthly update on Microsoft Teams from Microsoft. Here are our favourite updates from June.

Single toolbar for controls in meetings & calling help reduce clutter on your screen

Teams is always improving the users’ experience and reducing clutter in meetings and calls. The session controls will now be unified into one toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This will affect Windows, Mac, and web clients. There is no impact for mobile or Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) devices.

Video Support in Chrome Meetings

While joining Teams Meetings on the Chrome browser, you can now share your own video and receive video of others.

meetings bar.png

Microsoft Teams auto-updates will have default capabilities to significantly decrease network bandwidth use 

We are making improvements to the update process of the Teams desktop app to help you provide the latest capabilities to your users while significantly reducing the impact on your network bandwidth. These improvements are turned on by default for all users and there is no action required from admins. These changes will start rolling out on July 9th.

Introducing Announcements in Team channels to help you make your point

May I have your attention please!? Do you have an announcement that needs to stand out from all other posts in a channel? Maybe you are introducing a new team member, or celebrating the launch of a new product, or sharing an important new policy change; You can now post an “Announcement” complete with a headline and background image, to ensure that your post catches your readers’ eye.


For the full update, please click here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/What-s-New-in-Microsoft-Teams-June-2019/ba-p/730501