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MS Teams Update

MS Teams Update

Microsoft has been working hard and are continuing to evolve the MS Teams platform, below are just some of the latest updates.


Communications Updates

New updates for Microsoft Teams to help take your communications to the next level or bring features into Teams currently unavailable.

  • Group Call Pickup
    • Allowing you to create a custom group between yourself and colleagues.
  • Shared Line Appearance
    • This allows someone else to answer your calls on your behalf.
  • Call Park
    • New to Teams but not a new feature, will allow users to put calls on hold using a unique code so someone can pick up from another Teams client.
  • Location Based Routing
    • Helping to ensure your business is compliant with local regulations by allowing you to route traffic and restrict traffic based on location.


New Admin Features for the IT Admin

Manage Your Teams

You can now manage all Teams directly within the Admin Center.  All Teams created within the org will now be available in the Teams Admin Center.


New Administrator Roles

  • Teams Service Admin
    • This role allows the assigned user permission to the entire Teams tenancy.
  • Teams Comms Admin
    • This role allows the assigned user to manage meetings and calling functionality in Microsoft Teams.
  • Teams Comms Support Engineer
    • This role allows the assigned user to perform advanced call analytics and allows access to all calling information.
  • Teams Comms Support Specialist
    • This role allows the assigned user to perform basic call analytics.

You can assign the Admin Roles to an individual user via the Azure Admin Portal.

Automate Teams

With Microsoft Graph APIs you can automate the creation, management, deployment of apps and more with Microsoft Teams.

This helps to streamline the process of managing Teams helping to save time and keep consistency within the org.

The below graphic shows some of the options you can automate/control, the video below provides a demo/further information.