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Our values

Our core values are what help make up the identity and culture of Exactive.
These values act as standards we set regarding how we make decisions, function, solve problems and handle customer service.

Our people

We will create a dynamic environment where people can realise their potential, enjoy what they do and know that mistakes will be used as learning opportunities. Individual performance will be recognised but we win as a team.

Built to last

We will create long term value and success for all by building a successful business where we reward results, take responsibility for our actions and make decisions in the best interests of the team.

Customer Experience

Our customers can expect a professional, skilled and enthusiastic team that will develop strong relationships and deliver on our promises.

Continuous Improvement & Discovery

We are passionately committed to continuous improvement, innovation and discovery.


We will be respectful and respected, showing understanding and appreciating diversity.

Open & Transparent

We will operate and communicate with openness and transparency.