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Want to do even more with your Teams / Skype for Business UC solution?

Want to do even more with your Teams / Skype for Business UC solution?

The Likelihood is that you are already using S4B or Teams (or maybe you are looking at moving to Teams – See our UC Success Wheel for more on that!) and therefore enjoying the ‘out of the box’ productivity, collaboration and wider business benefits.

But you may also be thinking that it’d be great to delve deeper and pull out/analyse some of the data behind all of those benefits, heck, perhaps even be able to gain greater insights and put that data towards additional effective benefits for your business or organisation and help drive toward achieving your Business goals/outcomes!?

Well, the good news is that you can…

With our Partner, Code Software and UC Analytics that works with both S4B and Teams, you have the opportunity to produce some fantastic results – including:

  • User definable dashboard layout
  • Full report generation from dashboards
  • Call quality index (User defined call quality criteria)
  • Realtime ‘live’ calls quality monitor
  • Response Group statistics and Dashboards
  • Response group / queues reporting and dashboard
  • Bespoke report design
  • Alerts (Exception reporting)



You can even step up to the plate and bring in features such as:

  • Realtime ‘live’ calls wallboards
  • Tile based wallboards for wall mounted displays
  • Agent detail dashboard (Live and historical stats)
  • Realtime presence dashboard



Where can this information be used and how?

User Adoption: how many Microsoft licenses are being utilised vs how many have been purchased/leased. Are staff utilising every feature of their UC environment, such as conferencing, video, IM etc

Call quality: UCA uses a RAG (red, amber, green) system to indicate the technical quality of each call

Capacity: is the system under or over capacity in terms of SIP trunks

Productivity: how productive are staff, are there busy/quiet periods? How effective are response groups – are calls going to overflow groups?

Activity: are staff achieving against KPIs in terms of making or receiving calls?

Customer Service: how quickly are calls being answered, are key customers being contacted regularly, are there missed calls or out of hours calls which need attention?

Call billing: a cost can be applied to each call; UCA supports multiple carrier tariffs to accurately cost calls, and to alert on any expensive calls.

Monitoring and training: are there a lot of short duration calls? Are there multiple calls from the same client to achieve a solution? Are there remote training sessions – monitor conferences to see who joined conference calls and how long they remained on line.

Compliance: for regulated industries, UCA gives details of when calls happened, who was involved in the call?


So if you didn’t think you could possibly get any more out of your S4B or Teams solution, think again!! Find out more about this advanced reporting option using UC Analytics by contacting us today on 0844 561 1577 | solutions@exactive.co.uk

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